Sharing my Passion for Medical Technology

My goal is to empower you with the Stethoscope that will truly improve your practice

Hi, I am John! Your host!

Hi, I am John C. Abbott,  M.D. I have been practicing medicine for as long as I can remember, first as a Family Practice Physician in my small hometown in Illinois then as a Professor.

I have always shared a passion for technology and medicine during my career. However, being close to retirement, I finally found the time to share my passion with you.

My goal is to help you choose your stethoscope wisely. A stethoscope will not make you a better doctor, but it will help you in your daily practice. 

During my career that lasted more than 40 years, I had the chance to test a lot of stethoscopes and have a pretty good grasp of what is helpful as a nurse, med student, or even seasoned doctor. 

I put a lot of time and effort into creating this content, but do not take my word as the definitive opinion. A stethoscope is just like a car. You have to test drive it first. You do not choose a stethoscope. It will choose you!

“Not all angels have wings. some have stethoscopes.”

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Asking the price of a stethoscope can be as challenging to answer as asking what the price of a car is. It varies widely depending on the maker, technology involved, and specific end-usage. This article will go through the price points of the brands and models to consider as a veterinarian, nurse, or seasoned cardiologist.

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