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diy stethoscope id tag

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Let’s face it, nothing looks more like a Littmann stethoscope than another Littman stethoscope…and hospitals are literally filled with them. For a good reason, they are great but they are also really easy to lose, without mentioning the fact that unscrupulous colleagues may “accidentally” put yours in their pocket.

We have all been in this situation of having to go through the exam rooms looking for our stethoscope at the end of the day.

An ID Tag is not like any other stethoscope accessories used to decorate your equipment and make it unique, a stethoscope tag has the potential to save you issues and money as well.

What are the different types of stethoscope ID tag?

ID tags come in different shapes and sizes that provide opportunities to match your style.

You can find numerous models on Amazon such as the classic Name tag below that clips to the tubing.

Stethoscope Name Tag
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but if you wish to use a stethoscope charm with a unique shape or color, Etsy is a good place to look. They offer stylish charms, rings, and Nametag which come in various designs and materials including brass, copper, aluminum, or even leather. If you do not feel like

Most stethoscope accessories ID tag costs less than $20 depending on the design and metal used.

They mostly clip around the tubing. When considering that digital stethoscopes can cost up to $500, medical professionals should definitely consider them.

For doctors and nurses that feel inspired and are in the mood for crafting a truly unique accessory, another option is to design and build your own ID tag.

As we will see, it is pretty simple and will just require a few artistic skills and talent.

One great way for making your stethoscope really unique is to decorate it. Check this video out for easily adding a touch of fun to your otherwise boring stethoscope.

How to make a DIY stethoscope ID tag?

Numerous ways exist, we will summarize what is presented on the excellent website.

First Method

1st Step

Cut two identical little pieces of thin cardboard into the desired form. The form might be round, oval, square, or any other shape. Make sure the shapes are no larger than 1 inch by 1 inch to avoid interfering with stethoscope usage.

2nd Step

On either side of one of the cardboard pieces, punch two holes large enough for the ribbon or colorful string of your choosing to pass through.

3rd Step

Cut a length of twine about 6 inches long. Thread the string through one hole, across the form, and back through the other. Pull the thread taut over the top of the form so that two equal portions dangle down from each side.

4th Step

Apply a tiny coating of craft glue to the top of the cardboard form and the string portion on top. Place the corresponding cardboard form on top. Allow sufficient time for the glue to cure.

5th Step

Decorate the cardboard form using your preferred way. Painting an image using acrylic paints, decoupaging a miniature photograph on the front, or covering it with attractive fabric are all possibilities.

6th Step

By knotting the ribbon around your selected area, you may attach the completed result to your stethoscope. Remove any extra ribbon so that it does not obstruct the use of the stethoscope.

Second Method

1st Step

Measure the “U” shaped region between the two earpiece portions. This is where stethoscope tags are generally placed.

2nd Step

Cut a piece of jewelry wire to the length of the measurement + 2 inches.

3rd Step

Arrange your beads on the table in front of you. To plan the pattern, arrange each bead on the wire in the sequence you want it to go.

4th Step

Thread the end of one of the wires through an open jump ring in jewelry. Make sure the jump ring is large enough to go around the diameter of the stethoscope tubing. Wrap the wire in a tiny loop and fasten it with a jewelry clamp by squeezing it close with pliers at the spot where the two pieces of wire meet.

5th Step

Thread the beads onto the wire in the sequence of your choice. To finish the tag, create a loop around another open jump ring and fasten the ring to the wire with another jewelry clamp.

6th Step

Install the stethoscope ID tag on the equipment by opening the end of each open jump ring with a pair of jewelry pliers. Slide the open jump rings around each side of the stethoscope’s “U” shaped base. Clamp them shut with the pliers to ensure they stay in place.

Third Method

The following video shows how to make your own ring easily using just a plier. It doesn’t require a lot of practice and can be a great gift. By drilling small holes into the metal, it becomes even possible to add some charms to the rings to add an extra layer of personalization.

What is needed is just a piece of soft metal, a hammer, and a plier. Just give it a try.

To wrap up

A stethoscope will never be a fashion accessory but it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to customize yours and make it truly unique. Buying a stethoscope ID tag online is easy and good-quality ones are readily available. Somehow, if you feel like crafting your own stethoscope ring, just follow the steps we presented and enter the world of stethoscope uniqueness.

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