All you need to know about Personalized Stethoscope Charms

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Charms are the new crave in hospitals. We are living in a time where medicine is becoming personalized. It goes the same way with accessories and stethoscopes.

Personalized charms are a great way to make your stethoscope unique and even add a smile to the face of your patients.

With so many charms to choose from, these accessories are not only a way to avoid losing your stethoscope but a great way to express your personality.

Are you a cat lover, choose a paw charm. Are diamonds and jewelry your thing? Just pick a crystal one. Charms now come in a multitude of colors and materials. 

For just a couple of dollars, they make an excellent gift for a nurse who likes to express her style even while wearing hospital scrubs.

Where to buy stethoscopes charms?

Our answer to this question is simple. You can buy charms anywhere! On Amazon, of course (Check on Amazon), but also on specialized online medical equipment.

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Our favorite site is somehow Etsy. Their selection is vast, and Etsy offer numerous vendors that will provide personalized stethoscope charms that will be handmade and will look truly unique and unforgettable. A search on Etsy for stethoscope charms returned more than 1,000 items. So if you want to go being a simple Made in China plastic name tag, we are convinced that you will find a charm you will like.

Our advice is to buy a couple of them and change them regularly to fit your mood or your new hairstyle. With charms, the selection is virtually endless.

Websites such as Charmed also specialize purely in charms and accessories for stethoscopes. You may find products that you truly like by exploring their collection. This company offers the possibility to request a unique design, which is something we really like. Lastly, just as watches or jewelry have their unique boxes, it is possible to start a charm collection and store them in a charm organizer.

Should you clean your stethoscope charms?

Yes! You must clean your stethoscope accessories regularly to avoid cross-contamination. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of medical staff that do not think about that.

Cleaning your stethoscope once a week can help reduce the transmission of bacteria between patients. 

Clean your stethoscope and charms with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. To disinfect more thoroughly, use a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution, followed by drying and swiping with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Remember that enamel charms may be damaged if wiped too firmly. 

How to put a stethoscope charm?

Stethoscope charms can be installed either on the binaural tube or the tubing. Whatever your choice, you will need to remove the earpieces, at least one, or the chest piece.

Be careful when sliding a charm on the tubing, as the stem is usually larger. Press it gently and be careful not to squeeze the tubes too much as the last thing you want to do is damage the tube connected to the chest piece.

When installing charm accessories, a video is always better than a long essay. Therefore, we recommend you watch the video below. It will show all the tricks to install a charm properly.

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