How much does it cost to engrave a stethoscope?

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Stethoscope engraving is a great way to make it unique. However, while charms and rings can easily be removed, engraving is permanent. So even if it is always possible to scratch it, laser engraving is convenient to avoid losing your precious Littmann master cardiology or other pricey digital stethoscopes.

A personalized stethoscope is an ideal present to show your graduate how much you care about them and the work they are starting. Please choose a model with a tubing color and chest-piece finish combination that fits their style, then personalize it with engraving.

Keep in mind that engraving the side of the bell or the binaural tube will not damage your previous medical equipment. However, if you engrave the stethoscope tubing, the sound may be interrupted since the engraving may shatter or fracture the tube. So be careful when deciding to engrave a brand new expensive stethoscope.

Reasons not to engrave a stethoscope

The primary reason not to engrave your stethoscope is if you intend to sell it later. Remember that people are less inclined to buy your stethoscope when engraving it. They no longer value the thing since it has been customized to match another person’s taste and personality.

However, if your stethoscope is kept untouched and without any engravings, it becomes more expensive, and people are more willing to buy it even if it is used. In addition, because it has not been customized, the buyer can make tweaks or changes. 

Furthermore, a used stethoscope without engraving or customization is sometimes less expensive than a new one, which is why folks on a tight budget are more willing to pull out their wallets to make a purchase.

How to get your stethoscope engraved?

The easiest way to engrave new electronic or acoustic stethoscopes is to buy it from a company or reseller that offers such services when buying a new model.

Amazon may not be the right place to look for engravings as the models will mostly be generic. However, specialized online stethoscope retailers offer such services for a modest additional fee.

Companies such as Redding Medical will not only offer engraving on shiny new Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscopes but can also laver engrave stethoscopes that you already own. In addition, it only costs $10 to personalize the tubing or the chest piece.

All Heart also offer an engraved stethoscope service for $14.98 on either the bell or the tubing. In addition, it is possible to choose between five different engraving fonts that will match your style and tastes. also provides the possibility to laser engrave a new stethoscope for just $12.45. Interestingly, they will not only let you add standard letters but also funny symbols to truly make your stethoscope unique.

While vendors usually employ technology and a standardized setup explicitly designed for engraving stethoscopes, numerous persons also provide engraving services using different tools.

A laser engraver or jeweler can offer the ultimate personalization. Inkwell Designers Engraving can engrave most stethoscope brands and turn the stethoscope engraving around in 2 to 3 days. The flat engraving charge for a complete name or monogram is $65 with free delivery back to you. This may appear expensive, but stethoscopes are engraved by hands which is rare enough to be mentioned.

To conclude

An engraved stethoscope will become the ultimate gift for a friend or family member who has graduated from medical school, nursing school, PA school, or any other healthcare providers institution.

For a couple of dozen dollars, it becomes possible to offer a truly unique gift to a med student or to avoid losing your precious 3M Littmann Stethoscope.

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