How to remove engraving from stethoscope?

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Engraving a stethoscope makes the perfect graduation gift but is also a great way to avoid mixing up your stethoscope with others or, in some cases, getting it stolen. We all know that it unfortunately happens and that a misplaced stethoscope will often magically disappear…which, considering their high price tag, can be a real burden for anyone.

Please read our article on how to engrave a stethoscope and for what price to know more about the engraving process.

One of the drawbacks of engraving your equipment is that it will become challenging to resell if you decide to upgrade it or buy a new one.

In this article, we will tell you what you need to know if you want to remove engraving from your stethoscope.

At first, it is essential to understand the different types of engravings and parts of the stethoscope that can be engraved. Then, it will help understand if the marking can be removed or not.

Stethoscopes can mostly be engraved using two techniques: Laser or manual engraving. In both cases, the only way to remove the markings will be to physically remove the outer metallic layer. This is not an easy process that will leave marks but it can somehow be done. Let’s find out how.

As for the locations, engravings are usually positioned either on the bell, the binaural tube, or the plastic tubing.

On the bell

Laser engraving on the bell can be removed using fine sandpaper followed by soft polishing. It may be quite a lot of work and will leave marks. However, it will somehow work fine as long as you are prepared to accept the removal of the shine from the bell that will end up being matte. Using a dentist drill is also a convenient way to delete any engravings as long as the process is conducted carefully.

Check this video to see how engraving can be removed more professionally.

On the tubing

It is not recommended to engrave the tubing as it can lead to cracks. However, if you somehow choose this option, the only way is to change the tubing. This is a cheap and convenient way to make your stethoscope looks brand new.

It is also essential to consider that thieves may also use this method. This is one of the reasons why we do not recommend engraving the tubing.

On the binaural tubes

A binaural tube is a fragile part of a stethoscope. It is still possible to remove the marks using the fine paper or dentist drill we previously described but be especially careful to avoid weakening the tubes. A misstep in the removing process may damage your stethoscope and cost you replacement binaural tubes.

To wrap up

Engraving a stethoscope is a clever way to make it truly your own. It is somehow possible to remove the marking as long as it is done carefully. To avoid having to go through this process, a metallic ring, a plastic tag or any other decorative elements can also be considered. They may not protect the stethoscope as effectively but at least they will personalize it and will be easily removable. The choice is yours.

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