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The MDF company may not be as old as 3M Littmann, founded in the 1960s. Still, the two companies are somehow well-established veteran manufacturers for high-quality stethoscopes.

MDF started operating in 1971. Since then, MDF stethoscopes have been constructed from high-quality materials that not only give superior acoustic performance but are also long-lasting.

MDF stethoscopes are frequently regarded as high-quality and more affordable alternatives to the famous 3M Littmann stethoscopes. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for people needing a high-quality and reasonably priced medical instrument.

For a side-by-side comparison, we recommend that you watch the following video produced by Aimee, a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

On top of the company’s stethoscopes, MDF also manufactures other medical devices such as Sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers, and other small equipment.

What about the stethoscopes range produced by MDF?

MDF stethoscopes offer a wide range of instruments (from Sprague to cardiology and general use stethoscopes) and prices that should meet the need of the conscious budget students or the accurate auscultation needs of cardiologists.

MDF is famous for two flagship devices: The MD Epoch and the Procardial.

Procardial Stethoscope

Available either in lightweight Titanium (4.9 oz) or in stainless steel, the bell side of the Procardial is designed to handle low-frequency sounds (20Hz-100Hz). In contrast, the Ultra-sensitive Diaphragm is designed to handle high-frequency sounds (100Hz-1000Hz).

The patented Titanium SoundTight™ Glide-Lock-System™ (GLS) minimizes sound loss. Even the tubing has been reinvented to secure acoustic transmission. When flat walls produce echoes, the new C34 tubing contains 34 channels engraved into the tube, allowing sound waves to be transmitted with clarity and precision.

Comfort has also been thought in detail. It can be seen from the numerous innovations that are part of the device: SafetyLock Eartips, Comfort Seal Eartips, ErgonoMax Headset, denser, and longer tubing. The list of all the careful thoughts that came in the design of the Procardial stethoscope is long and should satisfy even the more demanding practitioners. 

MDF Mermaid Kaleidoscope Procardial
  • Handcrafted Since 1971 | Lifetime Warranty | Free-Parts-for-Life Program | Latex-Free
  • TITANIUM CONSTRUCTION > Acoustically-superior Titanium
  • C34 tubing has 34 channels etched inside to direct clear and precise sound waves without...
  • CASE: Water Resistant, Headvy Duty Zipper
  • CASE: Ultra-Durable Exterior, Shock Resistant

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MD One Epoch

If the MDF Procardial is the company’s flagship product and combines exceptional acoustic performances with high build quality more designed for demanding healthcare professionals, the MD One Epoch is aimed at General Practitioners, Nurses, and students. We consider it a perfect entry-level stethoscope very reasonably priced and built on the same quality principles that made the company famous.

The MD One Epoch is also available in Titanium or Stainless Steel. It comes with a Bell & Diaphragm dual-head chestpiece that detects low-frequency sounds (20Hz-100Hz) for the bell side and high-frequency sounds (100Hz-1000Hz) for the diaphragm side.

The ErgonoMax headset provides a comfortable and customized fit. It also comes with a second layer of resilience to guarantee structural integrity and prevent the headset from breaking when tension is increased.

It also includes the Ear-Tip safety lock system that prevents eardrums damage, while the ConfortFit ear tips offer a comfortable fit.

MDF Monet Kaleidoscope MD One
  • TRUSTED by Doctors, Nurses, Students, Home Health, Medical Providers since 1971 | Backed by our Full...
  • MD ONE Titanium line is known for performance, durability and aesthetics. Constructed from...
  • CHESTPIECE: dual head stethoscope for adult diagnostics that delivers transmission of heart, lung,...
  • PATENTS to maximize sound performance, durability and comfort for extended use, including our...
  • TUBING that is flexible and thicker for better sound transmission, longer for your comfort and latex...

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Why should you consider an MDF stethoscope?

Making its debut on the market with reasonably priced stethoscopes that maintained superior sound transmission, MDF stethoscopes are of exceptional quality.

An alternative to pricier options without sacrificing quality

MDF stethoscopes are genuinely equivalent to other more costly choices is one of the most frequently mentioned characteristics by practitioners, which may tell a lot about the quality of the products.

Most made of stainless steel, Titanium, or even chrome-plated brass and offering soft silicone comfortseal ear tips, you do not have to worry about durability even for extended use. For patient comfort, some models come with a nonchill bell ring.

A lifetime warranty

As a result, they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers any flaws in material or craft and includes the tubing, which is rare enough to be mentioned. In addition, the instrument will be replaced or fixed at no cost to the customer.

Of course, neither regular wear and tear nor usage nor faults relating to the instrument’s appearance are covered under the Lifetime Warranty.

The Free-Parts-For-Life Program makes it possible to request new ear tips, diaphragms, non-chill rings, retention rings, and name tags online. They will be mailed at no additional charge. When talking about customer care and support, it doesn’t sound easy to go beyond that.

An accurate acoustic

As mentioned, the MDF stethoscopes come with bells and diaphragms that will handle frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 1,000 Hz, allowing to precisely detect low and high frequencies sound.

With the possibility to easily switch from bell to diaphragm by rotating the chest piece and locking it in place, this patented mechanism provides the same benefits as tunable diaphragms for a fraction of the price. 

A vast selection of colors and styles

MDF stethoscopes come in Series that will fit the specific needs and requirements of healthcare professionals and in collections that feature various styles, prints, or colors. More than medical devices, stethoscopes have in recent years become fashionable…which is not something that most of us expected while in Med Schools.

The possibilities are too numerous for us to describe them all, and we recommend that you visit Amazon or the MDF website directly to get a taste of the numerous combinations available.

The possibility to design your unique stethoscope

In the age of personalized medicine, MDF offers the possibility to design your own stethoscope. With MDF, we are very far from mass-produced instruments.

Just go on the company website, and start building a stethoscope that will be truly unique and meet your needs and style.

  1. The first step is to select between the two best seller models: The General stethoscope MD One Epoch or the Cardiology Procardial Stethoscope.
  2. The next piece consists in choosing the chestpiece finish from the seven options available (Silver, Rose Gold, Metalika, Cyprium, BlackOut, Kaleidoscope.)
  3. Select the tubing of your liking among the more than 30 patterns or colors ranging from Mermaid, American Hero Camo, or more standard colors.) We suspect that with so many combinations, you will be unlikely to find one of your colleagues with the same instrument.
  4. Finally, it is possible to engrave your stethoscope or buy an additional Pediatric or Neonatal bell. 

Shipping is free in the US for a delivery time of up to 7 days. As for the price, a Titanium Procardial with Cyprium chest piece and green glitter tubing came to less than $200, which we consider an excellent investment.

To Conclude

MDF is undoubtedly a reputable brand that needs to be considered when looking for uniquely designed and high-quality stethoscopes that will satisfy the needs of all healthcare professionals without breaking the bank.

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